Park Road

Two one bedroom affordable apartments over three floors. Many Local Authorities and Community Development Trusts hold small parcels of land in areas where the private sector is reluctant to invest due to poor commercial returns. Such sites offer an opportunity to provide high quality affordable homes through prototyping and new off-site construction systems.

Grade II Extension

An extension to an office carried out on the rooftop of part of a grade II listed building. Access to the site was severely constricted but the cassettes could be easily lifted by hand on to roof without the need for a crane. The extension achieved high level of thermal comfort and air tightness.


A two year research and development project funded by Innovate UK to develop fabrication workshop for production of emerging construction system suitable for distributed fabrication. The project explored the potential for app-enabled production management and quality control and investigated the possibilities of incorporating and facilitating other third-party building elements such as rainscreens into distributed fabrication systems such as MassBespoke.


A small garden room for an office carried out as a prototype funded by Bauman Lyons Developments to enable the initial development of the system